Whether or not a member is assigned to the RMC or the CPN network, if specialty care is not available in their assigned network, CCHP and the assigned primary care provider (PCP) may arrange for whatever referrals, authorizations, and treatments necessary to see a specialist in a non-assigned network. Select OrganizationAffiliations with the specified role. We help you extend your reach into your patients homes and communities through care coordination, behavioral health, and long-term services. Specialty is verified when the practitioner joins the network and at the time of recredentialing through state licensing and board certification. As of Feb. 24, Medi-Cal Rx PA requirements reinstated for 46 Standard Therapeutic Classes, COVID-19 Therapeutics Warmline and treatment webinars, Thursday training for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) screening. The FHIR server is recommended to return this data. Santa Barbara County Providers In this listing, you will find a complete list of contracted CenCal Health providers in Santa Barbara County. Only submit information below that needs to be changed in the directory. Our nationally recognized care model is proven effective in addressing unmet social determinants of health, behavioral health, and medical needs. Location Name: Name of the doctor's office or hospital address. Providers must document this choice in the member's medical record. CAQH CORE Operating Rules are helping streamline administrative transactions for health plans, healthcare providers and vendors. Providers are doctors, physicians or other healthcare professionals that accesses information to help patients or track a refund. Find Reviews and Contact information on Klinikum Altmhlfranken Gunzenhausen. El Dorado The call is free. Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Cognizant to implement our new claims platform, Facets, effective Q2 2023. Availability of Hard Copy Directories: Members may request printed directories or have web pages printed and mailed to them by clicking on the link below. Enter the appropriate information below to view a list of Dental Providers who may be accepting new Medi-Cal patients. Mono The Central California Alliance for Health (the Alliance) has contracted with Beacon Health Options to provide some outpatient mental health services. [parameter=value]&_revinclude=InsurancePlan:coverage-area, GET [base]/Location? Select services available in a region described by the specified location. Updates will be posted at cchealth.org. GET [base]/HealthcareService/[id]/_history/vid, GET [base]/HealthcareService? Below we describe the information in the fields in the provider directory. Public Health, * Language: The CCA uncommon care model has demonstrated success in reaching and engaging individuals with significant medical, behavioral, and social needsimproving quality of care while keeping patients and members safely at home. San Diego Medi-Cal Dental Program. Hospital information is verified by viewing the information listed on their website. Most hospitals in Contra Costa County and the immediate surrounding area are participants. Select roles offered by the specified organization. Location: The doctors office or hospital address. Kern Senate Bill 137 requires the Alliance to solicit updated information from providers on a regular basis to ensure that the most accurate data for your practice is included in our Provider Directories. Board Certification: Information on board certification is verified at the time of credentialing and re-verified at least every three years at the time of re-credentialing. [parameter=value]&_include=HealthcareService:location, GET [base]/HealthcareService? [parameter=value]&_include=HealthcareService:organization, GET [base]/HealthcareService? It requires CenCal Health to meet both time and distance standards based on county population density. Glenn [parameter=value]&_include=OrganizationAffiliation:primary-organization, GET [base]/OrganizationAffiliation? Contra Costa Select HealthcareServices of the specified type. Members are entitled to receive full and equal access to covered service including members with disabilities as required under the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 in section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. By entering a hospital name, the accreditation status and quality measures are listed. 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Inyo [parameter=value]&_revinclude=HealthcareService:location, GET [base]/Location? Downloadable PDF Directories Continuity of Care Policy, 2023 Central California Alliance for Health | Website Feedback, Enhanced Care Management and Community Supports, Member Services Advisory Group Application, Whole Child Model Family Advisory Committee (WCMFAC), Provider Credentialing Applications and Policies, Complex Case Management and Care Coordination, Pain Management and Substance Use Resources, Interpreter Services Provider Quick Reference Guide, Interpreter Services Quality Assurance Form, Promoting Cultural and Linguistic Competency, Breastfeeding Support and Breast Pump Benefit, Prior Authorization Information Request for Injectable Drugs, Medical Nutrition Therapy Benefit Quick Reference Guide, Antidepressant Medication Management Tip Sheet, Immunizations: Adult Exploratory Measure Tip Sheet, Programmatic Measure Benchmarks & Performance Improvement, 90-Day Referral Completion Exploratory Tip Sheet, Application of Fluoride Varnish Tip Sheet, Immunizations: Children (Combo 10) Tip Sheet, Chlamydia Screening in Women Exploratory Measure Tip Sheet, Child and Adolescent Well-Care Visits Tip Sheet, Child and Adolescents BMI Assessment Tip Sheet, Well-Child Visits in the First 15 Months of Life Tip Sheet, Unhealthy Alcohol Use in Adolescents and Adults Tip Sheet, Tuberculosis (TB) Risk Assessment Exploratory Tip Sheet, Maximizing Your Value-Based Payments using CPT Category II Coding Tip Sheet, Lead Screening in Children Exploratory Measure Tip Sheet, Diabetic HbA1c Poor Control >9% Tip Sheet, Developmental Screening in the First 3 Years Tip Sheet, Controlling High Blood Pressure Exploratory Measure Tip Sheet, Best Practices for Reducing Patient No-Shows Tip Sheet, Ambulatory Care Sensitive Admissions Tip Sheet, USPSTF Recommendations for Primary Care Practice, Preventable Emergency Care Visit Diagnosis Tip Sheet, California Management Guidelines: Childhood Lead Poisoning, Standard of Care Guidelines: Childhood Lead Poisoning, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Screening in Children and Adolescents Tip Sheet, Screening for Depression and Follow-Up Plan Tip Sheet, Initial Health Assessment Billing Code List, Chronic and Persistent Conditions Health Measures, DHCS Facility Site Review (FSR) Checklist, FSR Critical Elements: Interim Monitoring Form, DHCS Medical Record Review (MRR) Checklist, Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Sonoma Contra Costa Health (CCH) has been notified by the Martinez Refining Company of planned maintenance work at its facility that will cause flaring visible from Interstate 680 and Marina Vista Ave from Friday through Monday, March 6th. Connecting, solving and transforming healthcare business challenges. Board Certifications: A doctor gets a certificate after completing extra training in their specialty. Some doctors might have all the patients they can fit in, while still giving you the best care. Santa Clara To verify the current status of a hospital visit jointcommission.org. CalAIM: Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Community Supports (CS) require prior authorization and are limited to members who meet specific eligibility criteria. SHALL: An absolute requirement for all implementations. [parameter=value]&_revinclude=HealthcareService:organization, GET [base]/Organization? The DaVinci PDEX Plan-Net Location profile is based on the core FHIR US Core Location resource. If your zip code and provider type are listed, CenCal Health will assist you in getting an appointment. To report any errors, click on the link below. Armenian The resource may be used to encompass a variety of services covering the entire health care spectrum, including promotion, prevention, diagnostics, hospital and ambulatory care, home care, long-term care and other health-related and community services. Members who are enrolled in our Medi-Cal plan or County Employee Plan B can choose providers from the CPN or RMC network. CenCal Health is required by the Department of Health Care Services to meet network adequacy standards. Select Locations that are part of the specified location. Select OrganizationAffiliations providing the specified service. The local timezone is named Europe / Berlin with an UTC offset of 2 hours. Dont miss our bimonthly newsletter for community partners. An Organization refers to a formally or informally recognized grouping of people or organizations formed for the purpose of achieving some form of collective action. This section describes the FHIR profiles, resources and RESTful capabilities that the Provider Directory API supports. GET [base]/Practitioner/[id]/_history/vid, GET [base]/Practitioner?[parameter=value]&_revinclude=PractitionerRole:practitioner. Sometimes CCP does not receive a notice that the information has changed. Alliance Care IHSS Price Transparency Tool. [parameter=value]&_include=OrganizationAffiliation:participating-organization, GET [base]/OrganizationAffiliation? The hospital reports the safety and quality of its care. San Joaquin Using read-only RESTful GET API calls (PUT and POST are not currently supported), you can create an application to access information about our providers and pharmacies. Nurse Advice Line San Luis Obispo County Providers In this listing, you will find a complete list of contracted CenCal Health providers in San Luis Obispo County. CCP must include these essential providers in its network, even if the provider is located outside of the region served by CCP. [parameter=value]&_include=InsurancePlan:owned-by, GET [base]/InsurancePlan?[parameter=value]&_include=InsurancePlan:coverage-area. A Practitioner is a person who is directly or indirectly involved in the provisioning of health care. To set your current location, click the green Use Current Location button. [parameter=value]&_include=HealthcareService:coverage-area, GET [base]/HealthcareService? , California Preferred Provider: A doctor that meets strict quality standards. San Francisco Orange Frequently Asked Questions, GRIEVANCE FORM If you cannot find a dentist in your area who is accepting new patients, please contact the Medi-Cal Telephone Service Center for additional help at 1-800-322-6384. A health care provider insurance network is an aggregation of organizations and individuals that deliver a set of services across a geography through health insurance products/plans. [parameter=value]&_revinclude=InsurancePlan:administered-by, GET [base]/Organization? Napa In addition, on a quarterly basis, CCHP emails a Network Update link to each provider, provider group or facility to report any changes to the information CCHP has on file. The information in your search results reflects our records at the time of our last update to the search website, which is updated nightly. A profile is a set of rules which allows a resource to be constrained, or to include extensions, so the resource can add additional attributes. InsureKidsNow Search. Full Print Version of the CBH Provider Directory (Updated 1/3/2023) Step 1: Are you looking for a provider that services adults or children/adolescents? As of January 2013, all HIPAA-covered entities must adhere to the federally mandated Phase I and II CAQH CORE Operating Rules, which relate to patient eligibility and claim status. [parameter=value]&_revinclude=InsurancePlan:owned-by, GET [base]/Organization? Select Practitioners with the specified given name. For further assistance, members can contact Member Services at 1-877-661-6230 option 2 and providers can access interpreter services at 1-877-800-7423 option 4 or directly at 1-866-874-3972. Please refer to the Kaiser Assignment Criteria document located at cchealth.org/CCHPmaterials or contact Member Services at 1-877-661-6230 (press 2) for more information. Members have the choice to refuse professional interpreters and use adult family members or friends. can be viewed free at osteopathic.org. Cantonese. CCP checks this information at least every 3 years. Vietnamese Provider Directory Information Update Form, Merced County Medi-Cal Provider Directory, Monterey and Santa Cruz Medi-Cal Provider Directory, Alliance Care IHSS Health Plan Provider Directory. Website: The internet address that the doctor and practice information can be found. Merced Placer Results are as of 12/1/2020 unless otherwise noted. If you want to check to see if your doctor is board certified go to CertificationMatters.org, DoctorsThatDo.org, or call 1-866-ASK-ABMS (275-2267). For more information or any questions please call Member Services at 1-866-899-4828 TTY/TDD 1-855-655-5303. The hospital gets reviewed by national organizations to see if they meet these standards. CCA now offers three Medicare plans in Massachusetts that combine medical and dental coverage, prescription drugs, and supplemental benefits. Oral Surgeon Del Norte San Benito We are dependent on the accuracy and timeliness of changes to the information being reported to CCHP by the providers. Sometimes, there is not a needed provider close enough. Select roles filled by the specified practitioner. English The number to call in each county is. Mongolian By entering an e-mail in this field I am confirming that the e-mail provided is intended for patient communication and is regularly monitored and maintained in a manner consistent with State and Federal laws. Provider Directory Welcome to Contra Costa Health Plan's Provider Online Search Engine Begin Your Search Here Request Printed Copy of Provider Directory Or call: 1-877-661-6230 (Option 2) Or write: Contra Costa Health Plan Attn: Member Services 595 Center Avenue, Suite 100 Martinez, CA 94553 View/Download Copy of Provider Directory A Reset font size. Specialty: A provider's specialty is identified when they join the health plan network. It mandated healthcare operating rules for HIPAA claims-related electronic transactions, and CAQH CORE was named by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) as the authoring entity of these operating rules. GET [base]/InsurancePlan/[id]/_history/vid, GET [base]/InsurancePlan? Tuolumne This information is subject to change without notice. Large healthcare providers may achieve CORE Certification. Search from our 29,112 In-network providers, 5,058 primary care providers State (Required) * Location (Required) * Provider Name Optional Search Criteria Plan Name Specialty For Dentist, select "General Dentistry" in specialty drop down box above Need more specialty options? Shasta If a doctor or hospital makes a change to any of the information below, CCP updates the provider directory within 7 days of learning of the change. Santa Cruz We can help you understand and assist you with obtaining referrals to see specialists, explain when referrals are not needed, and help you find a specialist in your area. This program arms you with the information to reduce your toxic exposure, increase your liver's biotransformation of toxins, and to enhance your elimination of these transformed toxins from your body. jason mantzoukas forehead, example of research agenda academic track topic,